Dr. Jill Biden’s Worthiness & Jealous Hacks

In Full Regalia

DATELINE: Attack on Academic Credentials

Some two-bit adjunct teacher for thirty years at a college never earned and worked hard for a doctorate. This clown of creative writing now has used his talents to berate the new First Lady for calling herself “Dr. Jill.”

This jack-of-no-trades thinks it is a pompous and frivolous ego trip to use the title. He taught at college without a degree, he boasts. That is partly what diminished college education, the proliferation of those without proper credentials. It may all be moot with the collapse of college education after this pandemic.

As to Dr. Biden, we support her fully for something that no one can take away. Yes, you may quit a college job, or be retired, and you will lose your professorship (as did I),  but no one can remove your educational credential. It is a part of your resume, not merely a curriculum vitae.

We’ve seen those without degrees disparage the work of others. One writer once told me that he thought his published book was comparable to a doctorate. He could not equal a doctorate and a plethora of published books (that I chose not to point out to him).  Another always puts quote marks around my title, “Dr.” as if to show its falsity.

One degree does not preclude the truth.

These jealous professional twits have their enablers (The Wall Street Journal, a conservative rag without the courage to note how much like Fox News it is, in a print version).

We use our title regularly, which is ignored by many, dismissed by others, and impresses fewer people as time goes by.

We intend to keep using our title, though someone will likely drop it from the tombstone as too expensive to add more letters to a small space in the graveyard.