Maisy Battery: Nazi Ruins

Maisy Battery

DATELINE: A Devil’s Lair? Coverup of Disaster

For over fifty years, history covered up a Nazi underground base the size of four football fields one mile from Normandy. The third episode of Secret Nazi Ruins is a shocker.

Its top-secret nature, unknown to Allies, caused thousands of American casualties during D-Day. So, it was finally discovered three days later and covered up literally with earth. Then, it was forgotten about deliberately so the heroic leaders of the war effort were clean of ineptitude and incompetence.

The Nazis and Rommel misdirected the Allies to other spots and kept even locals in the dark about the scope of this Maisy Battery. It was discovered by sheer accident by Gary Sterne, a researcher. He was able to buy the land because no one believed it was the site of a major Nazi base.

Rommel was thought to have been sent to France as a punishment and demeaning of his skills: however, what he accomplished at Maisy near Omaha Beach was nothing less than Nazi brilliance. It makes his falling out with Hitler even more puzzling.

Gary Sterne excavated and learned these farm field were a major banking center that stored money likely to be used in post-war rebuilding of the Reich. He discovered that there may have been highly advanced radar technology here. This was the ultimate and true Atlantic Wall that was thought to be fiction.

History books ignored Maisy and the truth of Hitler’s most devastating secret military base to stop D-Day. They could not because D-Day came too soon for the German plans. If D-Day had been delayed, the result might have been quite different.

This episode is one of the singly most horrifying bits of new information on the World War II history that has been withheld.