Elementary, Dear Data

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In the second season of Star Trek the Next Generation,two of the costar characters (Data, the Android and Geordi, the blind officer) go to the Hologram room in the starship to take on roles as Sherlock and Watson, as a lark.

Their knowledge of the Conan Doyle canon is impressive, but the computer Hologram throws them a few curve balls.

It would seem to be an easy question as to who would play whom. As a team, the two characters seemed to be based on a minor-league parody of Holmes and Watson. It was, we think, intended to be light and facetious or a change of pace.

One of the ship’s doctors (Diana Muldaur) speaks out that she believes Data (Brent Spinner) cannot solve a case as he is android and incapable of human deductions. His friend Geordi (Levar Burton) is intrigued, and the three re-enter the Hologram that is hijacked (unknown to them) by Prof. Moriarty. This action means a fictional character may do damage to the Star Trek Enterprise computer system.

Moriarty becomes aware that he is an energy form, but not a life form, merely fictional. The debate between Captain Picard ((Patrick Stewart) may be fascinating, well beyond elementary. Daniel Davis is the American actor who plays off Data and learns in his 19thcentury personage how to run a 24thcentury computer system.

This was a worthy testament to the Sherlock oeuvre. The episode gave enough philosophical fireworks to fill a short TV show, having an abrupt conclusion to what appeared to be a major conundrum.