Pithy Reading Collection Now Available!

DATELINE: Movie & TV Reviews Re-reviewed

On cover is the late Jan Merlin, star of 1950s series Tom Corbett Space Cadet and our collaborator on a half-dozen books. His costar is Frankie Thomas. 


Shameless promotion is often the hallmark of WordPress blogs. So, we are nothing if not shameless.

Today we wish to promote like P.T. Barnum a new book. It may be of interest to the few faithful readers of Ossurworld’s reviews of movies: we have collected nearly ten years’ worth of some of the more popular readings and put them in an e-book for smart readers.

The book is theme-based:  UFOs & Spaceshots.

We have not been surprised at how many documentaries (if they can be called such) and movies we have seen in a decade about alien kidnappings, missing time, Area 51, and the usual gamut of flying saucers.

Perhaps more amusing is the fact that there are so many different films on the topic. There are even cable networks dedicated to UFO study. We have streamed many of these and written most (the good ones) and posted them on the blog.

If you follow us regularly, you know we did the episode by episode series of Project Blue Book, Unidentified,and many shows from Ancient Aliens.

This may be your chance to catch up on those you missed and those you may want to check out. Since the e-books available on Amazon.com can be free for download, you won’t be put out of cash—and will have a handy reading material.

Our blogs are generally filled with malapropisms and other humorous devices and run about 300 words.  So, if you have an interest in spaceshots, we hope to surprise you.

The book is UFOs & Spaceshots—and it’s now available. For those with a strong constitution, there is even a paperback edition. And the author is William Russo.