A Plague or Virus? Take Your Pick

DATELINE: Closing the Stadium Doors 

A plague on your sports house.

With every sport in season now in limbo, there are a bunch of people whose lives are empty and devoid of meaning outside a game or two are becoming incensed.

Like the plague on the White House or the Congress House, they want to live in a world where a cold is just a cold.

They don’t know history, or the Spanish Flu (over 100 years ago may as well be 800 years ago). The Bubonic Plague wiped out a chunk of the human race—but they didn’t have a sports society.

This might have a parallel in the Fall of Rome when all those gladiators were shut down permanently and the Coloseum. ESPN and your other sports channels are now facing hours and nothing to do.

These are people who make a living off athletes, and politicians in Washington grab votes out of these fans.

Bleeding money is hard to stop when your society is based on economics of sports. Cash in your gambling chips, and try to get a refund for your season tickets. Sports organizations are cutting back all their ancillary employees. No one will take you out to the ball game.

Billionaire owners are safeguarding their own health: money be damned. They hired sociopaths like Belichick who thinks “Do Your Job,” even if you have fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

As your president once said, blame it on the Democrats, but that was last week. Now the coronavirus may infect both parties.

And the media may try to sneak a cough into the White House and infect Trump, That’s the big game of Dominoes.