On the Death of Kobe

DATELINE: Another Legend’s Reaction?

On the heels of one horrific and unexpected death of a sports legend, all too soon, we were left wondering about immortality and life here and now.

We were not alone in this philosophical moment. Among the many testimonials to the life and energy of Kobe Bryant, we were struck by the heart-felt message of Boston Celtic Jayson Tatum. He posted a picture of himself, as a mere six-year-old with Kobe. His latest mentoring came only before the season began.

He is devastated and perhaps will be for the remainder of his days.

The second figure who jumped out of the plethora of sad comments were those by Tom Brady.

Perhaps they never met, but in all likelihood, they did. Legends have a way of crossing paths—even for a moment.

Brady now 42 is a year older than Kobe. He is still playing and Kobe had retired to spend time with his family.

Talk has centered on Brady’s free agency—leaving New England, finding big money, and starting anew and renewed. Yet, now, we wonder if he saw photos of Kobe with his daughter who also died in that senseless crash.

If any incident can alter the future, this one may have an impact on Brady. He had dismissed retirement—but now it looms as the omen, augur, and warning. He too has a small daughter. He too is sacrificing time with them to play his game.

Now, he may have come to the crossroads with Kobe again. Should Brady retire and spend time with his children, not knowing what the future will offer him?

That serious and sobering thought may now be weighing heavily on another legendary sports star.