Mad Money: Crime Pays Honest People

Mad Money: Crime Pays Honest People

      Keaton and Latifah Go Mad!

We missed Mad Money the first time around, and its philosophy and premise as a comedy requires some thought on the part of the audience. That is rather unusual, but we came to an unpleasant conclusion.

The film really stars Diane Keaton and Ted Danson as a late middle-aged couple who bankruptcy occurs when high-pay ends. They are left with a quarter of a million dollars of debt. Housewife Keaton must return to the employment line to help win some bread.

She ends up at the Federal Rserve as a cleaning woman. It seems unlikely that a woman with a degree in Comparative Lit would do this, but she needed the benefits.

Once there, seeing money destroyed, shredded and destroyed by the Feds, she is moved to commit a criminal conspiracy. There is something disturbing that lifelong honest people will be driven to do dastardly criminal activity to survive. It may be true, though none of the honest people we have encountered would do this.

Queen Latifah is also tempted by the concept that crime is a virus and once exposed, you will turn criminal. Evne more appalling, honest people are the best kind of criminal because their native intelligence and honesty makes them a head above normal criminal imbeciles.

We had some trouble with these concepts, and it had a distinct effect on our laugh quotient. It became most unfunny to watch this caper film with a gang of unlikely ladies.

It may be a film for fans of Latifah or Keaton, but you must be dyed I the wool to put up with this kind of loose ethical standard.