Boston Before the Tacko Fall

DATELINE: Merry Xmas

 Front & Center!

What’s Christmas in Boston without the Celtics playing on the holiday? Well, what’s Boston without the Boston Pops playing “Sleigh Ride”?

And what do the Celtics and the Boston Pops have in common for the holiday sleigh season?

Well, if you think the season is Fall, you are a true Bostonian. Yes, as the winter solistice dawns on the Hub, the dawn of Fall has come to the Boston Pops.

It isn’t every rookie basketball player who is offered the chance to conduct the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall. However, this year, the giant of the Celtics has arrived.

Conductor Keith Lockhardt looks like a pygmy next to the Senegal giant.

Tacko Fall will be in tuxedo with baton on the rostrum.

When offered the chance to conduct the symphony, Tacko had towering twin problems:  could they find a custom made tux for him as he stands, reportedly 7 feet six inches tall, though some downplay this to 7’5”.

Tacko also worried about what movements he sbould make with the baton: they told him to do whatever he wanted. The orchestra would play along.

Up on the stage, Tacko even gave a spin move to show off his new fangled talent to lead a team around the Boston parquet.

This may be only a beginning: Boston and Tacko Fall are ready for bigger things to come.