Brady’s Wind-Mill Tipping Days are Here!

DATELINE: A Weather Balloon, not a Saucer! 

  Your Patriots an Impossible Dream?

Tom Brady must escape from Foxboro now more than ever. He has an impossible dream: to be exonerated from the stinky swamp that his owner and head coach have tarred on his name.

Those four feathers are now making him run out of town on a rail but much worse than being pals to an impeached president.

He may never be able to restore his good name from ties to the Watergate slime of all NFL and pro sports: he cannot strip off the stench of being on the Patriots, once again going down in history books as the most stupid team of all-time.

This is worse than the sequelitis of space war in the Rise of Skywalker, or Rambo’s Last Blood,or Arnold’s tiresome Termination D. Cornpone.

Brady is now unable to wash off the taint, the smell, the curse of Belichick Island. The gold may be buried under the swamp and the body there may belong to Montezuma—or to TB12.

The return of Spygate, the damnation of Deflategate, and the horrors of association are now his Mark of Cain.

Tom Brady is now the Howard Carter of Tut discovery. No mosquito bite needed for sepsis to set in.

Yes, with an owner whose sexual peccadilloes are in the courtroom of limbo, and with a head coach who seems unable to extricate himself from the reputation of cheating his way to over 300 NFL victories, Tom Brady is guilty by association. It is a logical fallacy, perhaps even a tad unfair to Tom’s sense of terrific.

It is now Brady’s legacy.

He needs to extricate himself, if possible, to save what’s left of his tattered reputation as a GOAT, rather than to be the all-time goat of sports cheats.

It may be too late and too little time. Has Tom Brady crashed in Roswell or Foxboro?

Brady can go to Miami or Las Vegas and play with another team for the next five years for millions of dollars. He may even win a championship, but he will be forever linked with the Missing Link of modern sports:  he will search for honor in a league where there is no place for old men.

Tom Brady’s Eden has been filled with serpents for twenty years. He is now snake-bit.