New e-Books from Ossurworld

DATELINE: Shameless Own Horn-blowing

Un-REEL Reviews 2movie gold 2Read all about it, again.

Your snide and wit-laden blogger of movies and TV reviews has collected the best of Ossurworld for your relatively easy reading.


Yes, if you have a smart-reader or are a smart-reader, you are now in luck:


Un-REEL Reviews 2 can be yours for a song with Amazon free books, or cheap if you are inclined to save a buck.


The collection features a look at all the Universal monster classics from the 1930s, some never featured on the blog.


And now, this week, comes MOVIE GOLD 2 (& Pyrite TV Too).

This features a collection and guide to all those endless Curse of Oak Island episodes from season 6. You will also find the complete guide to Project Blue Book and Lost Gold of World War II, plus a gathering of the best documentaries Ossurworld could locate.

You have only to download the e-books to give your Kindle a treat.

movie gold 2 You can find these ebooks on Reviews 2