Tunnel of Love on Last Lost Gold

DATELINE: First Season Ends on High Note

tunnel Smoke at End of Tunnel?

Of the threesome of gold hunter shows on History, this season’s tale of the hidden treasures of General Yamashita in the Philippines is head and shoulders above the ground. We have enjoyed The Lost Gold of World War II much more than could be expected.

We are coming to the end of season one, and the hook is finding that pesky tunnel on their mountain. Of course, there would appear to be at least one treasure on every mountain on Luzon. Take your pick.

The last episode starts with a threatening witness who alerts Peter Struzzieri that the CIA is his main rival, and that trillions of dollars are at stake: your life is cheap in the balance.

The secret witness has his voice distorted and face digitally mashed: but he provides slightly wrong info, as the CIA was not around after World War II, but came about closer to 1950.

Warnings are meant to be ignored, especially when the ante has gone up.

Martin Flagg is the code-breaker expert whose expertise is wrong nearly always. These guys misread a few more signs, proving that weeks of digging in the wrong place can be fixed in a few minutes by marching to another spot.

Flagg redeems himself by a clever triangulation that seems to uncover the big break the gold hunters require to have another season on History.

As they hike to the new spot, we don’t see CIA assassins around every jungle plant, but the hunters are worried about snakes. We wondered when the serpents would show up in this golden garden of Eden.

The hook for the second season is the discovery of an amazing labyrinth of tunnels that may reveal the boundless bounty of gold. The closing of the series is breathtaking in discovery and parallels this season’s Curse of Oak Island with the aged High Lama of each show passing on. Grandpa will not return next season.

Use of smoke to find other tunnel entrances is ingenious.

Whatever the drawbacks of hide and seek, this series has been more fun than the other History hors d’oeuvres.