Secrets & Mysteries of Columbus?

DATELINE:  Spy Who Came in From Portugal.

Oak Island Templar spy Christopher :

We may have mixed up our holidays, putting Columbus Day in lieu of Xmas. What’s worse, this new documentary contends that experts have known for a long time that “Columbus” was a pseudonym and that he was not Italian. He couldn’t even speak the tongue.

We took in the documentary Secrets and Mysteries of Christopher Columbus, not sure exactly what the mystery might be. There is no mystery that Oak Island is on holiday, and this guy is the sub.

Yikes, cancel the Columbus Day parades. It now seems that Columbus was the son of an illegitimate Portuguese prince and a Jewish mother. It also appears that his biological father was a Knight Templar of Portugal—and an admiral.

We always like to tie in one conspiracy series to another conspiracy documentary. The Curse of Oak Island needs to hear about this.

Since Marty and Rick on Oak Island are on a holiday hiatus, we will fill the void with these drilling down details.

So, Columbus sailed that ocean blue in 1492 with some distinct political purposes: to set a treaty with Spain that might give most of undiscovered South America and, heaven forbid, Oak Island of Canada to Portugal.

If you like to hook your mysteries together into a scintillating package of conspiracy, there is one even the Lagina Brothers have not yet figured out:  Columbus did not discover America but was merely following in the wake of his political progenitors, the Templars.

This neat little film covers some old ground with new insights. It seems Columbus was born in Cuba, Portugal, and thus he named the big island after his hometown.  What’s more enlightening is that he gave forty hot spots around Cuba the names of towns and locations around the Portugal town of his birth.

As the documentary states, it is geographic DNA.

Like Oak Island, the floodgates have kept us at bay, preventing us from finding out whether Columbus really wanted a route to Oak Island and went too far southward. This one irritated at the finish by suggesting “to be continued,” when DNA results are ready.