Rapscallion Rasputin

DATELINE: Yousapoof


Murder At the Tsar’s Court appears to be a Russian documentary made by French producers with English voice-over translations from the experts. Included among the experts is Rasputin’s great granddaughter. She passes along the revelation that he was no saint.

It is refreshing to have a pro-Rasputin documentary. The Russian experts are intent on debunking many of the myths and historical inaccuracies surrounding the murdered spiritual leader.

The new revisionist Russian history seems intent on proving Tsar’s wife should be above suspicion. According to this film, Empress Alexandra was a conservative moral woman who only wanted what was best for her son. He inherited haemophilia from her.

Rasputin had a talent to clot blood. For the rest of the world he curdled blood.And all the Russian noble women who surrounded the rapscallion were groupies living erotic fantasies.

Enter a group of gay aristocrats wanting to save Mother Russia. Led by Prince Yousapoof, a feminine and rich young man married to czar’s niece, these conspirators told a pack of lies about what really happened. You may be left wondering why Rasputin would attend a gay party where he was murdered  after being tortured. These were not his typical Party boys.

When the body was found in a local river with a bullet hole  in his forehead execution style, Tsar Nicholas covered up the crime, lest the unwashed public learn that ignoble nobles killed one of the most popular religious serfs.

This line of propaganda is not far from the old Communist line.

There is no word about the most notorious legend: That the victim was castrated with his member put in a pickle jar.  Whoever owns that item bought a pig in a poke .