History’s Hunt for Hitler, S3 e6

DATELINE: Rousing Cold Case

Untitled  Historian James Holland

Zipping along at a brisk pace, the hunters for the escaped Nazis have found plenty who could have taken a route out of Norway, or headed south to Austria where they found the Vatican more than a little friendly.

Bob Baer’s team is busy in Europe again, while he sits in Los Angeles with the computer and tells us that his theory from last season that Hitler escaped on a U-boat may have sunk when Tim Kennedy found a prize in a fjord in Norway.

It seems a seaplane and a U-boat were sunk within yards of each other, and Kennedy’s dive gave a green light to Baer’s new theory.

He now contends that the U-boats were used as gas stations in the Atlantic Ocean where a seaplane with Hitler as passenger could re-fuel before coming to Buenos Aires.

The other side of the coin fairly much rehashes the guilt of the Vatican in supplying passports to Nazis who had gold at dead drops in Austria before finding supportive priests who baptized them with new names. Digging deep is Dr. Mike Simpson and historian James Holland.

Though this is not a new theory, the team manages to interview descendants of the witnesses. In one case, a woman has her mother’s love letters from a high-ranking Nazi who tells her mostly the entire escape route. It held for Eichmann and probably Mengele too.

The issue of whether Hitler took either one of these depots on his trek to Bariloche and the German community there is tied in with the development of an atom bomb for the Fourth Reich.

There is much to digest in these little episodes, but they use the best technology (like Li-Dar mounted on drones) to convince us.

There is likely to be a fairly interesting pay-off in the next few weeks.