Patriots Big Three @ Yalta Foxboro

DATELINE:  Patriots War

big three of Foxboro photo of Kraft, Brady, & Belichick

History remembers the Big Three at Yalta and Pottsdam, but the latest Big Three just issued a joint communique from Foxboro. Humorists never had it this good.

If you know how the first peace talks turned out back in ’45, you know that one last Super Bowl may be in the offing.

After that, all bets are off.

If Belichick is Stalin, and Kraft is Churchill, that makes Tom Brady the Truman of the bunch. That’s about as close to Trump as you can get.

Word is out that the statement issued of their solidarity and togetherness is about as phony as anyone who said the court of Henry VIII was a walk in the park.

Tom Brady was so jealous of young and virile Jimmy G that he lobbied to have him sent in exile to San Francisco over the near dead body of Coach Belichick.

Brady had Jimmy G locked out of the Alex Guerrero TB12 training center at one point. Talk about petty.

There are claims that the old man of the team was furious that he did not receive Belichick’s weekly awards for good play. What’s worse, Blight Belichick apparently let it be known that Tom was starting to age more than the portrait stashed in his attic.

If you think you would only see this kind of intrigue in Trump’s looney White House, you now understand what trickle down means.

You better stroke the ego of that guy at the top, whether it’s in Washington or Foxboro.