Patriots Clinch Holiday Spirit of AFC

 DATELINE:  Humbug Denied

photo by Matt Stone

T’was the night before Xmas—and Buffalo was in the house. They had revenge in mind, and were hardly filled with the holiday spirit when playing the New England Patriots on Christmas Eve.

You see, they had Gronk in their crosshairs, having demonized him into something akin to the Zodiac killer. It seemed unlikely to cast free-wheeling, easy-going Gronk with his unbounded optimism as the Grand Wizard of the Racial Divide. Gronk was suspended for assaulting a Buffalo player as he lay helpless on the sidelines by doing a Haystack Calhoun-style splash on the man’s back.

In the meantime, send no Patriot Flowers to Buffalo. The Bills don’t want any Marquise or Trey Flowers. That kind of love is not in bloom or in season, but they received a bouquet in spades.

We haven’t seen Dion with so many hits since he was with the Belmonts. Yes, Dion Lewis ran and ran and ran. Like the little engine that could.

As far as the revenge on Gronk’s game, every time On the Buffalo Bills looked at Gronkowski askance, they received a penalty. Not only that, the Patriots put Gronk on the opposite side of the field, far afield from wherever harm may be.

The upshot is, as if we didn’t know, another AFC championship, perhaps seven or eight in a row for New England, who knows? And it looks like a clear shot to the Super Bowl.

Jimmy G still is helping the Patriots by defeating their enemies over in the NFC. He beat the Jaguars for his fourth victory in a row. We may cringe at his loss to the Patriots in some future time, but we still have Tom.

As long as Brady looks younger than Jimmy G, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Powers above made the Bills change their tune during the Xmas week.  There would be no hometown lynch mob when the name Gronk came up, but wiser heads chose to downplay the hostility. Yet, the referees reversed a Buffalo touchdown in order to make fans across the nation truly hate the Patriots at this time of year.

Bravo, Goodell.