Tom Brady Channels His Latent Trump

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TomTom's HairDooDoo

You don’t have to scratch too much below the surface to hit a soft spot on Brady’s Botox sensitivity. When questioned by the damn media, Testy Tom laid into them by crying, “Out, out, damn spot.”

In one of his patented sweet nothing pressers, he told the adoring throng that he does whatever he can to win games: and how dare anyone in the press corps question what happens between the QB Great and the Head Coach Great. Belichick and he are above the masses and gossip-mongers.

Yes, being a member of the elite allows him to disdain lowly reporters trying to do their meager, low-paying jobs. One Patriot player once mused that those reporters must make hundreds of thousands per year for their easy job of sports misreporting.

Brady shut down one of the working stiffs of the press by telling him that his conversations with Belichick are not known to anyone and are strictly “between he and I.”

Well, Tom, your public university education is showing: it’s “between him and me.”  Yes, once again you are the object of a preposition, if not a plot of media feeding frenzy.

The Alex Guerrero controversy in which Belichick has acted like Trump’s CDC, according to reports, has banned the viral words “Guerrero” from appearing at any press conference, on any JetKraft, or on the football sidelines with bylines.

Next, we expect Sarah Shuckabee Saunders, the daughter of one-time presidential candidate and relative of some chicken-licking operation, to come to the podium and berate the Fourth Estate on Tom’s behalf.

Brady’s power of affable can shut off with the flick of a fickle fan like his presidential pal. He never talks about his conversations and/or Belichick’s verbal morsels from the inner sanctum, and the coach never discloses anything either:  so, Tom pointedly asked like a White House king, what is the source of these stories?

If you dismiss hearsay from gossip, and Tom never shuts down his many blab friends, we will always know.

There are many people out there who consort with Tom Brady well enough to be considered experts—and that’s not “between he and I.”