Author Tortorella Meets Stanley Cup

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                         Mike & Cup Mike Tortorella & Cup

Mike Tortorella, author of Rink Rats, the quintessential and legendary hockey novel, had an up close and personal meeting with the Stanley Cup recently.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are celebrating their NHL championship, and Tortorella’s classic book is back in print.

Each member of the Penguins team, players, coaches, and front-office staff, each has sole possession of the Cup for one day. Head Scout Al Santilli’s turn to host a private viewing of the Cup for friends occurred this week

Accompanied by security wherever the Cup goes, the Old Award is dented and shiny, but has an aura that reaches supernatural proportions among hockey fanatics. No one who has not won the trophy will go near it, let alone touch it.

Yes, if you are a young player, coming into contact with Lord Stanley’s Cup will curse you to never win it!

Professional players of all levels scrupulously adhere to the curse’s power.

Protocol also means only those who have won the Cup may hoist it above their heads, according to writer Tortorella, revealed in an exclusive interview.

Al Santilli hosted a little gathering of 20 friends for his day with the nearly 50-pound Cup, to which the author of Rink Rats was able to have a private audience, somewhat like a personal meeting with the Pope for hockey fans.

                        Penguin Championship ring                   Player Wives’ Necklace

Tortorella also was allowed to try on the Penguin’s dazzling, jewel encrusted championship ring, gaudy even by standards of bling in the 21st century world of sports. The Penguins also give the wives of players a lovely matching pendant necklace for standard evening wear.

Mike informs us that Rink Rats may be coming to the big screen, as several Hollywood producers have expressed interest in the book, which provides a unique look at a college team’s outrageous adventures.

Tortorella posed between life masks of Hitchcock and Vincent Price to help build Hollywood suspense for a movie script of Rink Rats.

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