Tom Brady Channels His Inner Trump

DATELINE:  Out, Out, Damn Fake News

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It was bound to happen. The media has been denied access to a Tom Brady event.

Yes, the liberal Boston Globe apparently felt the wrath of Tom Brady. They were kicked out of Tom’s annual charity event held at Harvard Stadium by Best Buddies. This is the popular gathering in which friends of Tom on the Patriots team play touch football for fun.

Tom quarterbacks both squads with ”least valuable players” (Tom’s quote)– people like Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

Apparently the Globe did the unthinkable. They questioned recently in an article the charitable shenanigans of Brady’s various foundations.

Now we understand that most charity groups founded by star athletes are a tax dodge. We thought everyone knew that it is a way to avoid paying huge tax on those million dollar contracts. Charities benefit in some way, but forget the notion of generosity.

Well, Tom’s people took umbrage and used their inner Trump to cast out the fake news purveyors—namely, said Boston Globe who wanted to take pix of Tom at the Best Buddies extravaganza.

Next day a spokeswoman for Best Buddies charity claimed this was all a misunderstanding—and Tom had nothing to do with tossing out the journalist in question from the event.

All well and good, except Kevin Youkilis, a former Red Sox star, never all-star superstar, now retired, piped in that these things happen when the fake media gets uppity.

Youkilis has a new fame since leaving baseball. He is Tom Brady’s brother-in-law.  And you thought only Trump had in-law problems,

We are not exactly quaking in our journalistic boots, not Uggs, that we will be given the heave-ho by Tom’s goons at the up-coming Tony Robbins take-the-money-and-run event with Tom as special guest star.

We always wear a sack with an eye-hole over our head. They’ll never identify us.