Toothless Celtic Bites Universe Hard

DATELINE:  The Illuminati? illuminati

This week has sent us messages again from the “timeless realm.”

The Boston Celtics are playing with Historical Inevitability, through their magical imp, Cousin IT, Isaiah Thomas. After flying back from the funeral of his sister Chyna on the West Coast, he arrived in Boston at 3am to play a second-round game at 1pm.

During the course of the game, he received an elbow and lost a tooth, giving him a lisp and impetus to play the game of his life. He felt like giving up after the funeral of his sister, dead at 22 in a car crash, but he knew he could not. The message from the beyond was clear.

You may wonder how the emblematic image of a toothless man can take a bite out of fate. Even Cousin IT found it amusing as he led the Celtics to an improbable victory after an abysmal start to the playoff series, round two.

Cousin IT has the power of the Illuminati behind him, unlike Aaron Hernandez who died around the same time as IT’s sister, but out of despair. He wrote in blood, the word ILLUMINATI on his cell wall. Perhaps he felt victimized by the forces of the universe.

Who knew that Hernandez was a believer in string theory and quantum mechanics? Yet, its force and power has been on display again this week in Boston sports.

Has the all-seeing “eye” sent us a message that says HI?  Is that bizarre historical inevitability (HI) sending Boston another championship team not six months after the Super Bowl?

HI, IT, and AH, are symbols that are unmistakable in the universe, even in the mundane world of sports.