Hernandez Vacated, Whitewashed, & Cleaned Up


DATELINE: Hanging by a Thread

The cold corpse of Aaron Hernandez is undergoing an autopsy, but in the meantime, he has been given a dispensation and clean bill of criminal health by the crazed Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

You see, Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty.

Apparently, his appeal process has been circumvented by an act of suicide. It’s the old story about murdering your parents—and asking for mercy because you’re an orphan.

In the immortal words of American philosopher, Chester A. Riley, “What a revolting development this is.”

It seems in liberal Massachusetts if you die before you have run out of appeals in court, you are declared “Not Guilty!”  Wow. And then some.

Hence, Aaron Hernandez will have his conviction for murder vacated.

In a practical sense, this makes no sense.

The technicality means the NFL can declare Aaron Hernandez eligible as an NFL player. The New England Patriots can re-sign him.  And most of all, history books must now list him as innocent of the murders of three people.

Fortunately, our sad and sorry books on Hernandez are already a series of jokes. (See Amazon for the facts).

Vacated sentences make it harder for civil suits to claim wrongful death. It means the world of Massachusetts is a place of Folly as well as Folderol.

Killing yourself before you are completely guilty in the eyes of the court is one way to beat the system, scoff at the law, and thumb your nose at justice.

Aaron Hernandez might have been clever, but surely he did not expect to be declared innocent up on his own, purportedly self-induced, death.

Of course, in Massachusetts, you can expect an investigation to uncover whether Hernandez was actually murdered in his cell. As we recall, the same fate befell the Boston strangler, Albert DiSalvo, murdered in his jail cell.

Revolting? Only in terms of the old Soviet process of revising history to suit the powers that be. It’s technical name is historical Negationism.