Ultimate Closure for Aaron Hernandez

DATELINE:  Patriots Go to White House Today


When the word came out early in the morning, we first thought he was murdered. His former teammates were stepping onto a charter jet to go to the White House to meet the President of the United States. He was throttled in his jail cell.

The details clarified the fate of Aaron Hernandez. He had blockaded the cell door where he stayed alone in a cell. He hanged himself from the window bars with a bedsheet. That’s no easy task for large man.

Like so many other desperadoes, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Desalvo, murdered in their jails, Hernandez suffered alone, steeped in guilt in a prison in Shirley, Massachusetts.

His ultimate motivation for his ultimate end had to be complete despair. He had just been found not guilty a few days earlier. For the first time in four years, he had reason to be optimistic. He’s brilliant defense team plan to appeal the first conviction.

None of that mattered. Perhaps it was because he had to live with the truth. He killed himself on the day that his former teammates were going to the White House to meet President Trump.

One can only speculate what he thought about what might have been. He was supposed to be at Super Bowl 51, and he was supposed to go to the White House and bask in glory.

Instead, his story has come to an ignominious end.

He was not at Celtics games courtside like Belichick, and Brady, and Gronk. He was never to elude tackles again on the playing fields. And he could not elude himself in the dark crevices of his own mind.