Not Sad about the End of Hernandez

DATELINE: Stop the Sad Cracks


We have been accused of blogging Aaron Hernandez to death. If that’s the charge, we are guilty.

However, we are a little overwrought about the number of stupid people who have called the death of Aaron Hernandez “sad.” Among these are Snoop Dog and any number of bonehead sports reporters.

There is nothing sad when a dangerous sociopath, remorseless killer finds his only salvation in suicide. Yes, we are cold to this death. Nor do we think it’s tragic. The tragic deaths belong to the three people who were gunned down in the night by a dangerous thug killer with anger issues.

Those lives were snuffed out prematurely and without justification. We wonder if there are others victims of Hernandez.

Aaron Hernandez was his own best friend, which is probably the only fitting epitaph.

Some people are speculating that he had to kill himself as a matter of honor. The man was completely remorseless and lacked basic values. He did not have a scintilla or shred of sympathy for those who died at his own hand. He may have been found not guilty he in a court, but he remains guilty before the pearly gates of inevitable justice.

We suspect that the guilt Hernandez felt was like that of Scrooge:  he was visited by three ghosts in his cell right before he hanged himself.