The Passover Plotter: Jacobovic Decodes Jesus

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simcha  Simcha

Each Easter the usual movie diet includes heavy helpings of Ben Hur or King of Kings. So, this season we are going in for something a tad alternative.

Decoding the Ancients is a six-part series hosted by that Biblical gadfly Simcha Jacobovic. Though he comes across as an errant academic scholar, he is billed as an investigative journalist. The series may be called by other titles, but Amazon Prime is offering it for free.

Jacobovic is truly is a man with unusual perspectives on the Old and New Testament.

The first episode deals with Caiaphas, the high priest who sent Jesus to the Romans for crucifixion. Jacobovic’s theory is that Caiaphas took a bad rap from the gospels who needed a house villain—and the notion is underscored by finding the ossuary of the high priest in 1990.

Small twisted nails found with his bones could have been artifacts from Jesus, but have disappeared. Jacobovic sees them as keepsakes of the most important and only death Caiaphas oversaw as high priest. He must track them down, which is fascinating.

Subsequent episodes follow graffiti at Pompeii that reveals that Christian slaves were there—and already spreading their faith less than a decade after the fall of Jerusalem. Fear of God from the volcanic horror of Vesuvius caused panic among Romans who began to embrace the word of Jesus as payback for the sacking of the Jewish state.

In other episodes, Jacobovic seems to ignore the Essenes and Emperor Constantine’s mother who found the True Cross and nails, allegedly. They might fit his theories, but one is left that angles were not examined.

Another episode suggests that Jesus went to the land of Gad…in Spain, not Galilee. It’s intriguing stuff.

The shows are short and jam-packed with detail and clever investigative reporting. You might find your faith challenged, but more likely the shows will serve you well as gospel’s truth. It’s a definite change of pace from the usual Easter TV specials.