Obligation for Tom Brady to Pass Along a Reward

DATELINE:  Super Bowl Hero Revealed

dylan wagnerWho’d guess that Tom Brady’s most important fan lived in Seattle, home of the Seahawks?

It just goes to show that Patriots Nation is indeed a national group. The biggest hero of two Patriot Super Bowls is 19, fresh-faced, and deserving of some true Patriot appreciation.

Dylan Wagner is a lifelong fan of the Pats and a collector of memorabilia in his young life, as he is accomplished as a teenager.

He belongs to a collector network that often shares its prizes with each other online. Indeed, a Mexican journalist named Ortega proudly sent Dylan photos of his Super Bowl 49 Brady jersey.

At the time Dylan thought nothing of it because Tom Brady never went public with the theft of his Seattle Super Bowl jersey.

Ortega never explained to the young man how he came by the shirt.  In fact, only when the SB LI jersey went missing and was valued at $500,000, did the info come out that the other blouse was also stolen.

As Dylan counts an ATF agent as one of his friends in Boston, who also collects, he shared the story about Brady’s jersey, providing authorities with a big lead.

The ATF agent contacted the FBI—and the rest is Super Bowl trivia history. So, you can discount the Texas Rangers riding to the rescue. You can laugh off the idea that the NFL security forces did their job.

No, it came down to a vigilant and personable Patriots fan on the other coast who solved the riddle.

We strongly urge that someone whisper in Tom’s ear that he needs to send an autographed jersey to Dylan Wagner post-haste. Bob Kraft ought to be sending a couple of tickets to the opening game of the season to this honorary Patriot.