Red Planet Secrets: Lost Documentary

DATELINE: Lost Civilization on Mars


Nothing irks us quite like Amazon buyer reviews. Pardon us if we defend this little film with more vigor than usual.

Case in point is for the non-DVD video entitled Terrifying Secrets of the Red Planet. It’s strictly a streaming video on the lowest budget. Many Amazon reviewers dismissed it as soon as they found out it was in Russian– and subtitled.

We hesitate to criticize these so-called reviews, but when the listing has in parentheses “English subtitles”. It generally means there are certainly subtitles of a foreign language. We also dismissed a barrage of reviews filled with prejudice, misspellings, and small-mindedness, which includes calling everything “boring.”

The most boring item in the world is a bored person.

This little arcane Russian film actually contains snippets of videos seldom, if ever, seen on American television. One includes took the 20-second video of the first Russian lander on Mars in the 1970s.

The most important interview in the film is with Richard Hoagland, notorious conspiratorial UFO/Mars expert who once was an advisor to Walter Cronkite. There are also a variety of noted Russian scientists who comment. They generally describe the structures photographed on Mars and its moon as not artificial.

Yet, the film leaves us with the sense that there is much we have not been told by either the Russian or American governments.

The documentary even includes some discussions that, of course, note that we are not prepared to hear there is a long lost deceased civilization that once lived on Mars. Only a trip there may give us answers to end wild speculation.

31 of 39 missions to Mars ended in failure, crashes, or accidents. By comparison, only one of 19 missions to Venus ended in such a fashion. That seems within probability.

The film proposes that the ancient dead civilization left Star Wars-style machinery in the atmosphere to defend the planet and sabotage Earth missions to Mars.

All this may leave some people feeling it’s slightly ridiculous, but it is certainly thought-provoking. We do not dismiss this little film and even recommend it.