Hightower Rejects Cupcakes from Jets


DATELINE: Dont’ya Know


When the Patriots want you, there is no doubt.

Dont’a Hightower did his world tour for free agentry, making pit stops in New York and Pittsburgh. The Jets offered him cupcakes on his birthday.

Alas, no confection matches the confetti of a Super Bowl duck boat ride. Hightower’s attempt to find a rich contract among the NFL losers was bound to fail.

Every team he contacted disbelieved his story that he wanted to find a new home if the money were right.

No amount of money can bring them the peace of a Super Bowl victory—and they found his argument that he would join them for a price to be patently ridiculous. No one bought his tale that he would jump off Bill Belichick’s duck boat.

And, they were right. The grass is only greener in other NFL stadiums if they brush it up with a little green dye. In that case, it’s clearly the green stuff.

No team can offer the guarantee of the greatest QB for the next four years. Both Tom Brady and Don’t’a Hightower are on the ticket for four more years. They likely will both retire when Donald Trump runs for re-election.

In the meantime, you might expect at least one more SuperBowl ticker tape measure for their Hall of Fame careers.

Of course, Hightower was not going to put himself in the low tower when he can grab the gold ring with another twirl of the Patriots carousel.

If anyone tells you Hightower signed with the Patriots for the money of $44million over four years, Dont’a believe it.