Tom Brady Despised in Denver

DATELINE:  Isaiah Thomas Unrecognized in Denver

Thomas & Tom 

Tom Brady was not there at the Celtics game in Denver against the Nuggets, but received a hostile reaction worthy of being in green pajamas.

According to hothead star Isaiah Thomas, Brady sent him a tweet that stated it’s your turn next after that improbable Super Bowl LI victory. He also sent Thomas an autographed #12 shirt that Thomas wore to a Patriots game earlier.

Wore it?? Doesn’t he know that Tom’s blouses are worth half a million bucks?

Failed Celtic leader Thomas this week said his boy wonder coach, Brad Stevens, was guilty of “experimenting” late in the season.

Forget the circumstance that two star starters were out, injured. Thomas joins the list of so-called team leaders with such an attitude. He was spoken to by head honcho Danny Ainge for his disrespectful air.

So, it goes without saying that his leadership is not inspiring away-game fans. So, in Denver last night, they posted a photo of Tom Brady on the jumbo screen and encouraged the fans to boo the Celtics.

We recall that Tom did join a Celtics recruitment delegation last summer to try to bring Kevin Durant to Bean Town. It failed. But, Tom seems to have won a few dedicated fans among Celtics players like Isaiah Thomas.

What a shame that Thomas cannot inspire the opposition as a foil and bad guy. For that you need to bring in images of Brady, physically not at the game, and not even at a Celtics game this season in Boston—so far.

Tom may be waiting for those playoffs next month. Bill Belichick was at a game recently (there to meet LeBron James apparently).

In the meantime, Isaiah Thomas still is looking for respect, though he seldom gives it.