Jimmy G Hacked!

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 Dumb America

Hacking is the last refuge of scoundrels. You have only to ask Jimmy G of the Patriots. That earlier report that he wished fans a fond farewell now is considered bogus.

While in his athletic cups at 2:30 am, someone snuck into his account under the covers.

It now appears that the “goodbye girl” was hacked.

Yes, as in the great tradition of anybody who doesn’t like what was said on his verified account, Jimmy G claims he never said it. We don’t know what gremlin stole Jimmy G’s Instagram account in the middle of the night and put out such a tweet tweet.

A little birdie told us it has to be someone who had access to Jimmy’s account while he was snoring. We have no idea about the bedtime habits of Jimmy G, but when you take a snooze, you are at the mercy of the person who has fluffed your pillow.

We don’t know who holds the job as Jimmy’s fluffer.

We have seen the same done to Julie Edelman, but the culprit in that case posted her own picture in the sack with the snoring Julie, apparently to prove she actually was in bed with the man with the golden hands. It seems to be a less than unique honor on her.

As for Jimmy G, the polo pony of the Patriots, we are unaware of the many possible sleepmates who hacked off Jimmy while he wore Tom Brady’s sleepwear.

Hackers and scoundrels are now synonymous on Instagram.