Yo, Adrian, Go Away!

 DATELINE: Leave the Patriots Alone

yo adrian  Yo-Yo Adrian

Latest word on the street is that former Viking Adrian Peterson is looking to play for the New England Patriots.

We would prefer to leave him out on the street.  Though he is a great running back, he is also the poster boy for beating your kids.

Without doubt, Tom Brady would not love to have his picture taken with a man who beats his children.

Peterson supporters have said beating your kids with a Hickorystick is a cultural thing. We can’t imagine too many Patriot players who want to be seen posing, nor playing, with the Hickorystick Man.

We cannot imagine Patriots like linesman Nate Solder taking a shine to Peterson. Nate just appeared to Children’s Hospital in Boston, home of the Jimmy Fund to help beat cancer in kids, partly because his own little boy is battling cancer. Beating cancer and beating kids are not the same.

Nate probably would be appalled by the cultural hickory stick of Adrian.

We are also becoming a little intolerant of players who want to come to New England for the purpose playing one season, winning a Super Bowl, and ending their careers by procuring a Super Bowl ring through the auspices of Tom Brady.

If this is great motivation for a player to give one of his best seasons, the notion of guys like Darrelle Revis and Chris Long coming and going through the turnstile is beginning to turn our stomach.

So we say to lowly cultured Mr. Peterson:  we prefer you find your ring in a Crackerjack box, not in New England.