And the Winner Is….not Oscar!

DATELINE: No Republicans Wanted


Dem Oscar funnies;  It’s not going to be a Grand Old Party!

Was there ever a time when Oscar was not political?

In the first Trump year, it may be more off-kilter than usual. What’s more, the movies don’t seem especially better in style, art, or matter. Politics tends to ground art into a mundane statement that may not survive once the age’s politics pass into oblivion.

If you thought that Blue Ribbon everyone was wearing was to honor Pabst Beer, you’d be out of touch.

Overrated actors and unseen motion pictures were praised. We usually use Oscar night to discover what films we should see before our neighbors.

Self-congratulations seem to be epitomized by a statuette shaped like Mr. Clean if he met Goldfinger.

If you were from a banned travel country, you were a shoo-in for this year’s short, international, best sounding movie featurette.

You could be right if you thought the best movies were made for television viewing—by download or streaming. We might even watch a good film on our smartphone. That way, the popcorn is much cheaper and we can go to the bathroom whenever we want by shutting off the movie.

If you have nothing good to say about President Trump, chances are you are sitting in the front row at the Oscar presentation, or have an aisle seat.

We always know ahead of time which movie will be best picture of the year: it’s the one we have not yet seen.

We thought the commercial for Feud: the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford looked like the best picture of the year.