Fake Celtics News by Boston Media

DATELINE: Trading Off Media Fakersaging-ainge

Donald Trump would understand what Danny Ainge is going through.

Boston sports pundits and experts are raking aging Ainge over the coals because he made no trade at the NBA trade deadline on Thursday.

This is fake news at its worst.

Boston sports media maroons spend endless hours, speculating on inconceivable trades. They have done so for months. They use these fake stories, rumors, and speculations, to fill hours and hours of empty hot airtime on radio and TV.

Now, because there is no trade, the sports pundits begin to look like fools.  Heaven upend, they are fools.

Sports network pundits and their endless overpaid existence must be justified. Hence, there are brutal attacks on Ainge for not making a trade—and not making the alleged smart guys look smart. They want blood now, not a trade.

They are attempting to roil up the fans, lest someone note these emperors of airtime have no clothes.

We suspect Ainge has been burned by the Kendrick Perkins trade so many years ago. It undercut and devastated the chemistry of the Celtics team back then. Who can blame him for being cautious?

Boston has a team of interesting Celtics players, doing far more than anyone could expect. We always like to accept what is on the court and play with what we have, rather than not play at all.