Boston Holds Massive Trump Rally

DATELINE:   Not an Anti-Trump Protester Seen


A million New Englanders came out in deplorable weather to cheer on the Patriots during the Victory Parade.

There was no evidence of an anti-Trump backlash among fans, despite the claims of wayward Clinton supporters in the weeks before the Super Bowl.

Gronk, of course, stripped down to the waist and rode through the streets of Boston. If Paul Revere had done this, there would have been three lanterns in the church steeple.

Fans did not wait to see the whites of Roger Goodell’s eyes before firing. The subtle and not-so-subtle shots at the NFL commissioner were omnipresent—from Tom’s “Roger That” T-shirt on his duck boat, showing a fifth ring on the middle finger.

Gronk later led the raspberry cheers against Goodell in a Providence, Rhode Island, party.

The victory in Houston, in its miraculous and stunning movie end script, has emboldened Patriots and fans to call for the firing of Goodell.

A few diehards now speculate that Tom’s stolen game jersey was taken at the orders of Goodell.  Roger, that.

In related news, there is now a movement to start the quest for #6 in the Lombardi series. Belichick led the clarion call at Boston City Hall by exclaiming, “No Days Off!” in his best coaching style.

The catch-phrase “One more,” has indeed caught on. Gronk told fans he wanted to be there for another championship. At this point, all those free agents may want to take a home field discount to stay in New England.

Usually teams lose one-third of their players from champion year to the next. They also lose the flavor that brought them to the Super Bowl. It may be interesting to see how this plays out.

As Gronk said, they gave Matt Ryan the gift of “Trey Flowers.”  Yes, they said it with Flowers.

One wag from the Clinton camp tweeted how confused he was by the rolling rally, “Is the Queen of Narnia visiting?”