Patriot Miracle: History is Made in Houston!

DATELINE:  Humble Pie Eaten by Disbelievers

For a time we thought  the fake news headline of tomorrow would tell America that Trump had the biggest set-back of his presidency:  the Patriots were shellacked.  But the Fourth Quarter came with the thrills of a Fourth of July.

 Fourth Quarter & Overtime!

We admit it. We had given up.  We were preparing for bed when the smartphone rang with a friend from Haiti, telling us:  “Wake up! Wake up! Put on the game!”

Like many other fans, we were stunned to find the Patriots yards away from another touchdown late in the fourth quarter, just two minutes left.

If sheer willpower ever proved itself an axiom of survival and victory, this was it. The Patriots looked as different from the first three quarters as a man raised from the dead.

Every player, every pass, every block, seemed wrought from some deep gut-wrenching rise to win. It was the Rocky movies in real life.

How could it be that on the precipice of elimination and humiliation this team tied the game?

How could they be denied? The Atltanta Falcons looked stunned—as were they in fact.  Brady was not to be denied. Perhaps the face of Roger Goodell motivated him, but every dart led to the goal line.

It was historical, amazing, and unbelievable. There had never been an overtime Super Bowl. There had never been a team to mount a comeback so overwhelming.

The storybook end woke up the most cynical in us all.