And the Survey Says: Pats Fans in NE Are Loyal

DATELINE:  Patriot Traitors Outside of Boston


Those haters of Tom Brady don’t need much provocation to pound him into the ground like some defensive tackle.

They’ve been jumping on Brady’s ties to President Donald Trump from the onset. These are the fair-weather Patriots, also known in history as the Sunshine Patriots. These scalawags were called Tories in New England in 1776.

Now we are engaged in a great game of Family Feud.  Various media outlets are now conducting surveys of the fan base for the Pats. We see  Tom, Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft, and Bill Belichick, are on the panel—and one of the myriad hosts of the Feud show is asking them to guess what the fans think of them and Trump.

In liberal Massachusetts, home of John Kerry and Mike Dukakis, fans are allegedly rabid over the Trump ties. Only a few towns in the hinterlands of the Commonwealth went by voter majority for the new President.

In the hoity-toity bedroom communities of academics and women of paranoid stripe, they are burning Tom Brady in effigy much like they used to burn their bras.

We believe these are the same women who advocate that men be relegated to the doghouse permanently.

However, the survey said nearly half of all fans put politics aside and claimed the political preference of players, coaches, and owners, did not change their feelings about the team or Tom.

Only a fifth said it had a negative impact on their feelings. We suspect these are the same fifth of the populace that resent losing control of the television to NFL games several hours per week.

We think another survey will prove that this same percentage will not allow their sons to play football at all. There are crackpots everywhere, but wealthy, suburban Boston is not New England by any stretch.