Transporter Refueled: James Bond in Mufti

DATELINE: Skrein, Ed Skrein


A retooling of an old TV series, the movie entitled The Transporter Refueled, has turned into a fast-paced audition tape for Ed Skrein to be the next James Bond.

Indeed, every time he makes an entrance, you can almost hear the famous musical motif announcing Bond.

If Skrein looks familiar, he played the generic “British Villain” in Deadpool.

Skrein has the look. In fact, he looks like Nicholas Hoult on steroids. He is hot, tough, and laconic.  However, he is certainly in the tradition of Sean Connery, Patrick McGoohan, or Daniel Craig.

Camille Delamarre has improved his direction since Taken 2. This go-round features several bravura scenes of action, suffused with humor.

Two or three fights feature Skrein against four, five, or six combatants. Delamarre makes the scenes lively, but hardly original. As entertainment, this is frothy stuff.

Another hilarious, innovative moment is when Skrein, as Frank Martin, Jr., drives through the airport. We don’t mean the tarmac. He drove into the terminals to great effect.

Ray Stevenson is on the mark as Skrein’s father. He is a retired secret service agent, making them a couple of unlikely partners.

Skrein is the transporter who works for the highest bidder among the criminal element, but the story centers on his work with three women in blonde wigs, looking all the world like weird sisters.

The lead female cites Alexander Dumas—which happens to be the favorite author of Frank Martin, Jr.  This gives the script the silly parallel of The Three Musketeers with Charlie’s Angels.

Filmed with beautiful scenery in South of France and glossy production values, this will give you 90 minutes of delightful fun.