Goodell Speaks to Media with Honest Duplicity

 DATELINE: Doing His Dirty Job


Roger Goodell held his pre-Super Bowl state of the NFL press conference earlier than usual—and the New England sports media was present with their swords unsheathed—and they let him have it with both barrels.  To mix our metaphors, as per usual.

Goodell parried with the best of them, coming out unscratched. We almost expected him to single out Boston press reporters and shout them down as representatives of fake news and homer toadies.

Instead, the Commissioner swallowed hard on several biting questions as he fed the public his usual drivel. He was happy with his decision to screw Tom Brady and would do it again in a heartbeat. We think the expression applied is “let the fans be damned.”

If the Patriots owners invite him to Foxboro, he will come with bells on and body guards on alert.

Goodell’s best shot at Boston fans included his paraphrasing of Bill Belichick’s mantra: ‘Do your job.’  Goodell insisted he was merely doing his job when he hit the fly with a sledgehammer.

We were reminded of President Trump’s opinion a year ago when he called Goodell “a dope.” In this latest contest of man v. media, the dope beat the dupes.

If you are keeping a roomful of billionaires happy and making $40m per year, we suspect “dope” is not the proper term to characterize the moral duplicity of Goodell.

So, the angry New England media never laid a hand on the kingpin who will be honored to bestow a Super Bowl trophy on Tom Brady—if the Goodell Goon Squad (aka referees) allow it to happen on Sunday at the Super Bowl.