Patriots Send-off & Send-up

DATELINE:  Four Score?

roger-brady  Send Up!

We had a chance to hear of the Patriots send off on Monday morning as they prepared for Super Bowl week.

Tom Brady’s message was not exactly the Gettysburg Address. No, he did not promise four score.

You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand his words, but it helps if you have a PhD in Linguistics. Fortunately for you, dear readers, we have what the doctor ordered, and we are willing to share it for nothing, about what it’s worth.

Brady said: “Now it’s starting to feel like the Super Bowl.” Tom spoke to a crowd slightly bigger than the one at Trump’s Inaugural.

We wish to note that the temperature was in the 20s at the big rally, which likely contributed to this insight. However, we point out in Houston it will be a climate controlled 72°.

Brady re-iterated that it’s been a great season, and the team has accomplished a lot, but has “one more to go.” Let’s face it, there are miles to go before he sleeps.

“Rest up, hydrate and get ready for Sunday because it will be one hell of a game.”

Heavens! Can it be that Tom is recommending a nip and tuck? We went to our Stooges Encyclopedia to learn that a nip and tuck is a drink so strong that you are instantly knocked out.

Resting up and hydrating, not necessarily in that order, might lull Patriot fans into a false sense of security.

Notice in Tom’s sentence, he follows up on his words “rest up”. That means the instructions gathered after that phrase are in apposition to “rest up.”

Tom is suggesting that a good stiff drink may be necessary in order to get ready for the big game. This does not instill us with confidence.

In fact, all references to hydrating worry us. Should fans be in a numb state? Does Tom know something we don’t know?

This proves a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.