Trump Crossing Goodell

DATELINE: Historical Inevitabilities


Every schoolkid knows the famous tale of George Washington crossing the Delaware River on Christmas Day to surprise the British allies, the Hessians who were hung over from the big party the night before, to guarantee a victory in the Liberty Bowl against the English.

The event was given full treatment in an oil painting by Emanuel Leutze.

Fewer people know the story of Donald Trump crossing the Hudson River with his band of intrepid Patriots to catch Roger Goodell with his pants down, thus guaranteeing a victory against the monolithic NFL in the 51st Super Bowl.

Always one to count our chickens before we drive off the bridge, Ossurworld is predicting a Patriotic victory at Houston when Trump’s forces shall cross either the Rio Grande, or some other Mexican tributary and storm the forces of the Manhattanite NFL/Jets.

This event has now been updated in digital form for the cover of the forthcoming book: New England Patriots, 2016, More Fake News.