Tom Brady’s Pop Goes After Weasel

 DATELINE: Yellow Bellied Weasel

yellow-bellied-weasel   Roger Goodell

It’s exactly what you hope for. Tom Brady went on radio and called Roger Goodell a liar. Alas, it was a name sake of Tom, for heaven sake.

Yes, it was Tom Brady’s father who lit into the NFL commissioner. He stopped short of calling him a “yellow bellied weasel.”

Don’t let that fool you. The acorn does not fall far from the tree.

The senior Tom said everything you know was in the heart of the junior Tom.

As a father, he grew so protective of his son that we saw some of the game passion but his son has for NFL football.

Hell hath no fury like an old scorned Tom Brady.

At some point Roger Goodell will have to face the press during Super Bowl week, and they will remind him of elder Brady’s words. Pop Brady contends the commissioner “constantly lied” about what went on during Deflategate, and his actions were “beyond reprehensible.”

We doubt that Goodell even knows what reprehensible means.

Daddy-Long-legs Brady called the NFL jurisprudence “a witch hunt.” It almost sounds like one Brady wanted to take the issue to the United States Supreme Court.

Little Tom suffered the slings and arrows of suspension “because the court said that he could, Roger Goodell could do anything he wanted to do to any player for any reason whatsoever. That’s what happened. The NFL admitted they had no evidence on him.”

The sound you just heard was the weasel popping.

At the least Goodell’s pants may be on fire by now. According to Brady the Senior:  the commish “went in way over his head, and had to lie his way out in numerous ways. And the reality is that Tommy never got suspended for deflating footballs.”

Whether you consider these words the advent of nuclear winter, or just a plain ordinary scorched earth, you certainly know the fight is not over –and we are only half-way round the mulberry bush.