Bright Lights Darkened

DATELINE:  Debbie & Carrie Together


With the tandem deaths of Debbie Reynolds one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher, we have the ultimate show busy world gone amuck.

In the months previous to their demise, HBO had been preparing a documentary that was scheduled for airing sometime later in the year. Events overtook scheduling. Bright Lights is the result, now available.

We now have a bittersweet look at the home and home life of Debbie and Carrie, living next door to each other, adjoining Hollywood museums. If there is anything truly historic about them, it is their extraordinary love for Hollywood.

They never shy away from Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, and the scandals that defined the business of being a family.

Mother Debbie for years collected memorabilia, including Marilyn’s dress from Seven Year Itch. She wanted to create a museum of great movie collectibles. Yet, she never could find backing. Her money was spent on the items, but no one wanted to give the museum a home.

Carrie was the caretaker of her mother and their tight bond. If their charming banter and interplay means anything, it displays true chemistry. What a shame their only movie together is this posthumous documentary.

When movie eras cross and end simultaneously, you have a shock to the movie fan. This delightful little collection of home movies and personal insights is a special collectible that Debbie and Carrie have left their fans.

Movie lovers should prepare for many laughs and an ultimate tragedy. The references to death and mortality permeate Debbie and Carrie’s conversations. It seems to have been fate.