Mike Tomlin: Not a Cl-ASS Act

DATELINE:  Return of the Dodo Bird

Tom's Briefs

What a horse’s tail!  Pittsburgh Steeler Coach Mike Tomlin told his players after their victory not to go on social media and make a scene. At which time he called the Patriots team a bunch of “a—holes.”

Nicely done, Coach. The offending live Facebook feed from one of his moronic players was almost immediately taken down. That means only a million or so viewers saw the unpleasant message.

In the words of Patriot star Dont’e Hightower: Is he trying “to hurt our feelings?”

Macho pride being what it is nowadays, we suspect that fighting words usually hinge on making aspersions about one’s family heritage or one’s sexual orientation.  Ask Dak Prescott what happens when you downplay relations with women and insist you are in love with your team.

We admit going through the rhyming dictionary, looking for words we might use with “class” or “hole.”

Swami Bill Belichick might disparage us from this task. Unlike Tomlin, the Belichick coached teams actually do have discipline. To wit: he chewed out Eric Rowe on national coverage for his unsportsmanlike penalty.

We doubt Tomlin would ever do anything but support the inanities of his players, not knowing the difference in his own mind.

What used to be bulletin board material is now sent faster than a speeding bullet by means of Internet smartphone connections.

The holes in the ozone have nothing on the holes on the Internet. To our vast amusement, there are more holes in Pittsburgh than in Calcutta.