Fake News Attacks Patriots



Fake news has now moved into the sphere of sports in Boston.

A half-baked article has just appeared by some writer named Charlotte Wilder of Lincoln, Massachusetts, (a hoity-toity rich town) calling the New England Patriots a team that has a “Trump problem.”

It isn’t true, but trolls have to spread their venom.

In the old days we’d call this baloney. Today it is simply liberal conspiracy and fake news.

This writer cites one or two people who complain they are completely disillusioned with Tommy Brady and Bill Belichick.  Talk about making a generalization on a small sample size!

These people claim they will never buy merchandise from the Patriots ever again, and they will not watch a game with their families henceforth.

Most of these quoted isolated cases of Liberals are fickled types who gave dedicated support to Hillary Clinton.  However, if you look at real Patriot fans, none of them were really dedicated Clinton supporters; perhaps they are not even dedicated Trump supporters.

The nature of sports is an escape from political fake news and daily life in Massachusetts.

It’s entirely possible that the vast majority of Patriot fans still love Brady. They still regard Belichick as a sports genius and don’t even mind Mr. Kraft visiting Trump at Trump Towers.

For most fans politics is a game of  hypocrisy.

There’s no doubt in far-out Massachusetts many Clinton supporters are now blackballing Trump supporters. We’ve heard of cases of people refusing to talk to family members who voted for Trump. We know of “friends” who have disparaged their friends who voted for the wrong candidate.

We point out that the people who claim Trump is full of hate are the ones who are showing hate to Trump voters.

When you read about how the Patriots and Brady have alienated Patriot fans, you can relegate this to the fake sports news category.

There is no refuge from political scoundrels.