The Rock & Tom Brady: Co-stars for Life

DATELINE:  Do You Sleep in the Nude?


According to movie star/former athlete Dwayne Johnson, Tom Brady’s ergonomic sleep-ware is a bad idea.

“The Rock” head believes nude is the way to go for complete freedom, which apparently does not take into consideration the $150 copper-lined PJs Tom is hawking as requisite to saving one’s precious essence.


We feel like we are drawn into a marketing satire that has serious ramifications on the playoff game coming up.  As Dwayne (aka DJ) said, Tom’s commercial for the pajamas looked like it was directed by a Jets fan. Duelling videos?

Worse than wear, “The Rock” indicates that, if Tom plays like his PJ marketing technique, the Patriots are in for an Under Armour crush. No cup can save you, Tom, with pajamas off the rack.

We note that most NFL players today never saw a cup—unless it contained tea. So, if NFL players don’t wear undies for public consumption, they likely will not be in for ready-to-wear pajamas. Their motto is “Free the Junk,” not referring to former Patriot Aaron Hernandez.

We understand that Tom Brady must make some extra money this season to help defray the costs of his palatial mansion in Brookline, Mass., and because he lost pay for four games this season.

We hate to bring up the price of not receiving a paycheck for 25% of your year. It would be catastrophic to the average fan—unless his wife had a billion dollars saved up in Brazilian banks.

So, Tom’s recent foray into Funny and Die and commercial hawking may be a prelude to retiring into the world of movies. Yes, we see Tom and Dwayne as a lethal box-office connection soon.

If you thought Gronk was going to be the next Patriot movie star, you would be comparing TV movies to horror extravaganzas filmed in the Philippines.

Movies and sports mix like box-office gold and alchemy for the most part, but we will be streaming movies in our new $150 copper-infused pajamas this year.