Tom Hardy’s Taboo-boo: New TV Series

DATELINE:  Voodoo Taboo


Taboo is the new Fox series that seems to channel Mary Shelley more than Dickens or is somewhere north of the Gothic Brontes. It’s produced by star Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott.

Set in 1814 in London, it is highly atmospheric, even to the point of anachronisms.

We aren’t sure what the taboo is that lead character James Delaney may have broken. Hints abound that it could be incest, voodoo, or sleeping with boys. We are already impressed with Tom Hardy, a versatile anti-hero, if not villain. We find all his performances the antithesis of today’s cartoon characters.

The opening episode was suitably filled with mood and darkness. Indeed, Hardy at times seemed to be a vampire, the Grim Reaper, or a ghost. He is part Captain Ahab and part Rochester. His presence unnerves all the others around him. We are almost surprised he did not play Delaney with an American accent.

Hardy plays it to the hilt.

Though the show seems be suited to a two-hour movie, not much happened in the premiere, which may serve well if this show moves into a dozen episodes.

If you were to ask us about a plot, we’d trip and fall into the big hole in the middle of the episode. Everything seems to be moving or more aptly, drifting aimlessly.

He has returned to London to lay claim to his father’s estate, which seems to be bankrupt and to dig up the old man for an autopsy, Resurrection Man style.

We enjoyed seeing Jonathan Pryce on screen again as the primary villain—as well as the ubiquitous Edward Fox as dead man pater Delaney. Well, a paycheck is a paycheck.