Worth Your Time: Ossurworld Movie Review Collection

DATELINE:  New e-Book and Paper Version


If you enjoy reading the movie and television program reviews on Ossurworld’s wacky website, then you are ready for the new compendium:  Worth Your Time?  Movies & TV 2015-16.

Available now as an e-book, the collection features in one spot all the reviews, good and bad, that were reviewed here over two years. There you will find good, bad, ugly, and worse.

For the record, the reviews generally represent positive takes on the movies and TV viewed. If there is a bad low-budget film, we kindly pass on writing up a report. Only big-budget fiascos find themselves under Ossurworld’s cruel microscope.

Reading the reviews in one handy place may be your guide to finding whether you ought to invest time and money into the artistic presentation. We think with e-books offered for free with Amazon Prime that the issue may no longer whether you need to invest money in books, but whether the read is worth the effort.

We have always strived to keep the reviews light and quick witted. They generally all run about 250 words and contain about ten puns, jokes, malapropisms, and insights you may not find everywhere.

The reviews will soon join their online pool with a book version for the smarter readers out there beyond the Internet.

For the off-beat and unusual insight, you can always count on this blog for fail-safe approach to bombs, stinkeroos, and movie/TV entertainment.

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