Home Field Won at Last Game for Patriots in 2016

DATELINE:  Super Bowl or Bust


If the Patriots had lost in Miami to end the season, we’d have a catastrophe of media madness. Everyone picked the Brady boys in a cakewalk.

Indeed, the Patriots walked semi-roughshod over the Dolphins, including a dustup or two between Sweet Suh and LaGarrette Blount.

Scores and play-by-play are for cable news, but here we will tell you that Julie E trash talked his way into an early unsportsmanlike penalty. He was shut up by staff after that. He remained chippy and chirpy.

After Martellus Bennett caught a Brady touchdown pass, he could be seen on the bench after the play, eating a banana. Perhaps he is worried about his potassium level, or impending cramps in the hot-house humidity of Miami. We did not see Jimmy G and his smelling salts.

Moreover, the defense started looking like wilting flowers in the second half, but still Devin McCourty managed to punch a ball out of a Dolphin’s fins—and made the signature takeaway turnover.

We saw Michael Floyd drinking on the sidelines. It was Gatorade, of course, and unlike the pampered retinue of Patriots, he held his own bottle.

He also dragged about six Dolphins with him as he fought like the last man at the Alamo to reach the goal-line. It was impressive, but nearly matched by a block he threw on another Fish to spring Julian loose for the longest touchdown run of Edelman’s career.

In terms of the usual and the pedestrian, Tom Brady threw three more touchdowns—settling a new NFL record for ratio of TD to INT. That is 28 to 2. There, a lousy stat made it into the blog.

Having not lost a road game this season, the Patriots will now play all their playoff games at home—where they lost two games. Go figure.