NFL Covers up the Junk on TV

 DATELINE: No Peeking Below the Belt

A1 steak Not ready for the closeup, Mr. DeMille

The NFL is involved in a new kind of cover-up. For the past few seasons their players have become more brazen in their outfits. Pantaloons reveal all the all the junk—and your eyes do not need to pry. It hangs out there.

This trend was started originally by Aaron Hernandez who thought nothing of showing off his hidden talents. Not every player subscribed to wearing the tight pants with the big bulge and contoured shape in the front.

Many wore their little towels like a breechclout or loincloth over their parts that they did not want on camera, displayed to millions of viewers on television.

However, there are always those who are among the most proud. They wore nothing but sheer pantaloon.

We are not sure who complained: it could be some prudish viewers or it could be some players who were frankly embarrassed by the beans and franks. Suddenly with in the past few weeks, there has been a change of heart, or change of undies. Or perhaps a change for  you crotch watchers when players stopped wearing their loin towels almost to a man.

And what’s more curious, television coverage suddenly has changed the angle of the camera. Now most of the close-ups are from the waist up, sort of like the way they used to treat Elvis Presley on television

NFL players seem to have turned into nuthin’ but hound dogs. a la Elvis.

This new approach makes for five more interesting facial close-ups, but removes any sense of junk hanging low on the vine. Tush shots are now de rigueur.