Isaiah Thomas: Superstar?


We’ve ignored him long enough. On the last regular season game of the Celtics for 2016, we received a dope slap. And we deserved it. He’s been here since Rondo left, and we never paid much attention to him.

He was the last one taken in the 2011 draft  Danny Ainge acquired him for a bag of popcorn. So, how could we be expected to think he would show up in the basketball statistics next to Wilt Chamberlain (just short of 2 point record in 4th quarter)?

He’s 5’9″. He’s the same height as Lucky the Leprechaun.

He’s mighty mouse. Yet now he has made himself indispensable, untradeable, and the latest Boston superstar.

What, you say? Isaiah Thomas? the minimight who scored 50 points plus in a basketball game for the Celtics? The man who puts himself into the same sentence now with Kevin McHale and Larry Bird?

We need to do some homework. Like Thomas Brady, Thomas, Isaiah came out of nowhere.

He will have to do this for a few more years to become a Titan. Yet, we believe he is now here to stay. He is about to be baptized by the media as Boston’s new Messiah. We have discovered a new star.  No, not a dog star. This one could be up there with Gronk.

Give us another week to reset the Satire Machine.

He has, up to now, been simply Esther Blodgett. No longer. A Superstar Is Born.  He has waded into the River Jordan around Christmas time. And we are looking to the heavenly rafters suddenly for another banner.