Michael Floyd: Asleep at the Switch?

DATELINE: Waiting for His Day on the Field


Michael Floyd’s week is not necessarily better in New England.  He will likely play against the New York Jets on Christmas Eve. He hopes the Star of Bethlehem shines down upon his sorry soul.

Police released video of him arrested, and forcibly given a blood test for alcohol after a court order.

He seemed like a confused, frightened man unable to follow directions, and clearly worried. Yes, in America in 2016, a black man in a fancy car, stopped by police, might fear he will be shot.

It was the Chandler Jones school of dumb-founded. Like Jones, Floyd’s impairment does not look as bad as it really is: he fell asleep at a red light with the car running. Yikes.

The media jumped on Belichick and asked if he had seen the video when he signed Floyd. How preposterous and absurdist can the media be: the video had only just been released to the public that day.

The hubbub intensity led Michael Floyd to speak to the Boston press in the locker room, protesting that everyone makes mistakes. Well, he did not seem stupid and spoke articulately.

Let’s face it: his popularity in Boston will be in direct correlation to the number of Brady passes he catches against the Jets.

If he has a great game, brings in a couple of touchdowns, he will have sponsors lining up to vouch for him at AA meetings.

If he is a flop, he allegedly faces jail time in Arizona. Let’s be serious: men with millions of dollars and celebrity can hire the best attorneys. Michael Floyd will not be sitting in a jail anytime soon.

Next to Aaron Hernandez, also in the headlines this week for his hacked phone calls, Michael Floyd seems a subdued and contrite figure.